Vincent Dell’Osa

Vincent Dell'Osa mouthpiece underparts

Vincent Dell'Osa came to the United States in the 1920s, bringing with him an Italian wood lathe. He began fixing horns in South Philadelphia around 1930. His customers were the Italian bands which played at saint's day festivals and funerals. As Italian American brass players began to move into American orchestras and big bands, they spread the word about Dell'Osa's fine hand-machined brass mouthpieces.

Henry Scholtz at Dell'Osa's. San Francisco Ballet tour 1965. Vincent Dell'Osa's workshop was undoubtedly the tidiest & most organized shop we had seen!  Even his black "shop-dog" knew just where to hang out.


On request I can make several of Dell'Osa's famous "signature" mouthpieces, such as the original Anton Horner, Mason Jones, Ward Fearn and John Barrows models.

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